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At Ballmer Peak Distillery we transform raw materials into a variety of unique and traditional spirits. Rums, Gins, Whiskeys and more, we have a bit of something for everyone. Frequent our tasting room and sign up for our newsletter to learn more about our special and seasonal releases.

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Citrus, Floral, Mint

Australian Style Gin

Twice-Pot Distilled from molasses, Australian flavors and botanicals are used in a third distillation. Juniper takes refuge in the outback where flavors of eucalyptus, finger-lime, lemon myrtle, pink peppercorns and pepper berries, bring their bold flavors together for a bright-mint, floral gin.

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Floral, Pepper, Robust

Outback Aspen Gin

We take our Australian inspired base gin and let it bloom with charred aspen cuttings which had previously soaked in Locke + Co rye whiskey. The result is brighter pepper spice. More pronounced Juniper with a developing eucalyptus, floral gin finish

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Earthy, Smoke, Choclate

Light Whiskey

Twice Pot-Distilled from 100% malted barley and rested in oak for the shortest amount of time legally possible. This clear whiskey has rich, dark-chocolate notes from Colorado Grown Crystal and Munich malts with a hint of Earthy-smokiness thanks to Scottish Peated malt. If you're expecting a "white dog" bite you're in for a smooth surprise.

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Tropical, Versatile, Crisp

Silver Rum

Twice Pot-Distilled from a pure molasses fermentation. A lightly toasted-sugar body with floral and fruity aromas. Classic, versatile and ready to be your tropical getaway.

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Delicate, Spicy, Balanced

Spiced Rum

Twice Pot-Distilled from molasses the Silver Rum base is distilled once more through a basket of spices. Szechuan peppercorns, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and mace create a peppery spiced rum with a crisp and complex flavor.

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Bold, Vanilla, Oak

Golden Rum

Twice Pot-Distilled from molasses our Silver base is rested with new, charred oak to bring out vanilla and wooded flavors while strengthening stone-fruit flavors, turning it Golden. Perfect neat, over-ice, or to balance an old-world libation.

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Silky, Full-bodied, Gentile


Six-Plate Column-Distilled from a previously twice Pot-Distilled molasses fermentation. Refined in every sense of the word. A bright and soft spirit with a premium, silky body. Yes, this is Vodka.

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